Who are we?

Who are we?

Things We Have Learned as Birdie Parents:

1. Close the lid of the toilet. (It is not fun reaching in and grabbing your bird out. Then torturing them with a bath.)

2. Do not turn on the ceiling fan when your flighted birds are out.

3. Put birds away while cooking, mixing batter, etc (esp. Chocolate... can cause panic attacks when they accidentally fly into it as well as getting chocolate every where when you grab them out and rush them to a bath!).

4. Do not kiss your birds after eating chocolate and guacamole.

5. Do not kiss your birds after they eat hot peppers.

6. Yogurt, milk, and dairy products are not good for them. Neither are high salt and high sugar food items.

7. Clean their cages daily (it makes it easier than once a week)!

8. Never let your bird eat off your plate unless you don't mind them bothering you every time from there on after.

9. Do not take "naughty" pictures of your breeder birds. You will feel guilty later for interrupting them.

10. It's good to cover your bird's cages at night. Just not with plastic.

11. Set routines with your birds. Creates confident and secure birds.

12. Play with your birds everyday!

13. Do not go outside with your bird unprotected!

14. Set boundaries/rules with your bird (or they'll act like little teenagers).

15. Learn as much as you can about a species before and after obtaining your new family member.

16. Make sure your vet is "Avian Board Certified." (See Dr. Burkett at Birdie Boutique!)

17. Join a bird club. They understand it when they get pooped on or bitten! (Online chat/message boards are good, too)

18. Playgrounds and toys are a necessity, not an option.

19. Do not feed your bird only seed. It is fatty and not good for their health and plummage (see photos of our birds for proof).

20. Birds need sunlight for their health and plummage.

21. Socialize your birds with other people.

22. Do not keep poisonous plants in your home. If you're not sure use fake plants for greenage.

23. Be careful if you let your birds loose around the house. Be aware of where they are at all times (not to step or sit on them).

24. Do take your birds in the shower with you. (They don't care how you look!).

25. Love your birds. Spoil them. Hold them. Don't yell or hit them. A little bird poop never hurt anyone!