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Did you know?
  • Our products are endorsed by an Avian Board Certified Vet? Dr. Greg Burkett is the owner of our distribution warehouse and he wouldn't offer anything that could be harmful to your birds!!
  • We forward any question that we can't answer to our vet! We give you the most knowledgeable information we can to help you and your bird have the best life possible together!
  • Tamara & Josh run this store part-time and will do their best to answer phone calls after 5pm M-F and on weekends. We are striving to make this the best E-Bird store possible and want to help! Your support of us on YouTube, Facebook, our Blog, and now our store has what made it possible for us to focus more of our free time energy helping you!
  • That you mean a lot to us! You are very important to us, not only as customers, but as bird owners. We are all a part of a special community that strives to give the best life possible to our feathered friends. We may not agree on everything, but we all want what is best for our FIDs!
  • You are not getting advice and help from inexperienced bird store owners! We have owned small birds, medium birds, and large birds!!

  • Grapewood perches are back!!!!!

    We just celebrated our 11 Year Anniversary of the E-Bird Store on September 15, 2020! We have over 6000 fans on YouTube and almost 7500 fans on Facebook! Thanks for your continued support!

    We now advocate fostering and adopting homeless birds. In fact, sometimes there are TLA babies we raised looking for their next homes. You can inquire if we have any needing a home at

    Cajeput items are still temporarily discontinued and out of stock due to a manufacturer issue. We are currently looking for a new supplier and will re-stock and be available for ordering again when we do!

    New Bi-Monthly product feature where we feature products and/or ingredients that you have been asking us about! This is to help educate you further and help you find certain products that contain those important things that you are looking for:

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