Polly's Pet Products Mini Stand Small

Polly's Pet Products Mini Stand Small
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Product Description

1" Diameter X 6"

Polly's Mini Stand has changed for the better. The new design allows for adjustable perch heights, and when inverted becomes a rocking chair for your bird. Consumer evaluated: Non-stop rocking entertainment for both bird and owner. Along with these new features the Polly's Mini Stand comes in four new colors. Polly's new Mini Stand provides a comfortable, familiar resting spot outside the cage. Now the pet bird can be included in family activities, shower in the tub, vacation/travel, or be at work. Its petite size is perfect for both the baby bird learning to perch or a smaller adult bird. The textured, non-slip surface provides a sure grip; and is guaranteed to trim a bird's nails and beak automatically. The perch promotes healthier feet and leg muscles, and is veterinarian tested and approved. A portion of each perch sold is donated to Dr. Bran Ritchie's continued research on psittacine diseases at the University of Georgia.