Parrot Travel Cage

Parrot Travel Cage
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Parrot Travel Cage
Door is a large opening and can be secured in a landing platform position. The door also has an easy-lock, bird proof latch. Has two dishes, a dowel perch, grate, and pull out tray. Light weight and sturdy; weighs only 7lbs. Great for birds from budgies to greys and small cockatoos.

Dimensions: 14" x 16" x 22"h

Dr Burkett, Board-Certified Avian Vet of the Birdie Boutique, recommends this cage and feels it is very versatile; however he recognizes that the dowel perch is not appropriate for travel. It is smooth and difficult to grip for any bird. To maintain a light weight traveler, he recommends using a cholla perch. These are light weight and textured to provide a sure foothold when traveling.