Parrot Behavior & Training DVD : Introduction to Training

Parrot Behavior & Training DVD : Introduction to Training
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Parrot Behavior & Training DVD : Introduction to Training

by Barbara Heidenreich

Did you know that training your parrot can help develop a better relationship between you and your bird? It can also help resolve aggression issues by building a stronger trust. The "Parrot Training and Behavior" DVD will introduce you to the world of parrot training.

This first DVD in a series by Barbara Heidenreich, animal trainer and author of "Good Bird!" and "The Parrot Problem Solver", teaches the basics in parrot training and illustrates how parrot training can be used to resolve behavioral problems. Barbara has over sixteen years' experience teaching bird training workshops, writing books and publishing "Good Bird Magazine" which features positive reinforcement bird training methods.

This DVD covers the basic fundamentals of training with positive reinforcement. You're given detailed instructions on how to shape your birds' behavior with approximations. The training subjects are companion parrots learning behaviors for the first time. Be the first to experience these special moments of learning captured on film.

Running Time: 35 min.

Published: 2006


Format: HD DVD