Happily Ever After with Parrots

Happily Ever After with Parrots
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Happily Ever After with Parrots
Avian veterinarian Dr. Ellen K. Cook, familiar with clicker training, instructs a young man with no prior experience, how to teach a novice parrot the basics of clicker training. This bird was hand-shy and bit people who attempted to handle her. The film demonstrates the basic principles of clicker training a parrot, beginning with how to condition the clicker, using food rewards, followed by how to teach targeting, and the 'step-up' request. Building trust quickly between teacher and student results in the first 'step-up' on camera, capturing the delight of both parties with successful learning. The film concludes with scenes of the veterinarian demonstrating some of the behaviors she has taught her own bird with clicker training.

  • What exactly is Positive Reinforcement?
  • Introducing the Clicker
  • Targeting - The first step to learning new behavior
  • Older birds - Learning is fun for you and your bird!
  • Introducing New Objects
  • Nail Trimming - Build trust and cooperation
  • Home Examination - Keep your bird healthy
  • Medication - Teach your bird to accept medicine
  • Bonus: Fun with Parrots! Includes Shelby, Bare-eyed Cockatoo, Free Flies