Disinfecting your Bird's Cage & Play Area Properly

Disinfecting your Bird's Cage & Play Area Properly
Why is it important to maintain a clean and disinfected cage and play area? Well, for obvious reasons. You want to prevent any sort of virus, bacteria, pests, and fungi from co-habitating with your bird!

Also, would you want to be living in an environment that wasn't clean and sanitary? It's our responsibility as pet bird owners to give our birds the best life and part of that is cleaning.

In most cases, the procedure is this:
1- Scrape off all poop particles and remove particulate matter from all surfaces (ie bars, grates, perches, toys).
2- Spray on disinfectant and leave it for a few mins.
3- Scrub and wipe down all surfaces.
4- Let dry if still wet.

The nice part about using a proper cleaner is that you don't have to make sure all of the residue is gone. Just let it dry after you follow the correct procedure and it's safe for your bird to return to that environment.

This is what our Mango disinfectants are all about:
Mango Pet Focus Bird, Parrot & Small Animal Pet Cage Cleaner is a quaternary disinfectant certified to be effective against Avian Polyomavirus that is resistant to severe environmental conditions. Just spray on - wipe off - no rinsing needed

It's a Disinfectant AND Sanitizer!
Clean cages, walls, toys, perches, dishes, counters and syringes - Rinse free - Neutral PH

The most complete veterinary quality disinfectant. Effective against over 50 pathogens including viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

So, do what's right for your bird and get the right cleaner for their bird cages and play areas. It's important for the overall well-being of your companion bird!