Birdie Toys Birdie Bungie Small 3' long

Birdie Toys Birdie Bungie Small 3' long
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Product Description

The Birdie Bungie is a vital part of every cage set up. It hangs from the center of the cage top and fills the vertical space. We have found that the Bungie makes moving around in the cage easier for birds. They can go from top to bottom and access any perch at any height. The Bungie is also designed to simulate the natural motion of a tree branch; it gently swings and bounces as bird climb them. Finally, the 100% cotton rope is comfortable to stand on, easy to grip, and is an important part of bumblefoot prevention.

You will find that our Birdie Bungie is the very best made. It is twisted very tightly and safely secured at each end. To keep it clean, simply wash it in the washing machine.

Treat your bird's feet right; give them a Birdie Bungie!