Birdseed Moth Trap

Birdseed Moth Trap
Item# birdseedmothtrap

Product Description

The Birdseed Moth Trap attracts and captures adult birdseed moths (Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, almond moth, and raisin moth). These insects occur almost everywhere, and are attracted by birdseed. The moths lay eggs in cracks and crevasses near food, such as in shelving, cupboards, and pantries. Adult moths emerge and fly about seeking mates. The Birdseed Moth Trap uses the same chemical messenger (Pheromone) that female moths use to attract male moths for mating. Male moths are drawn by the scent and are caught in the trap. Removing male moths prevents mating and egg laying. Long term use of the Birdseed Moth Trap will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals. Safe, effective and non-toxic.

Two traps per pack