AVIx Soother & Rain

AVIx Soother & Rain
As most of you know, Emma broke her leg back in October of last year. The poor girl had a cast on until mid-January when we finally got it off! Well, we were so excited for her to have it off, but she was irritated! The skin was dry and she started chewing!

The top picture you see is the damage she did to her leg after the cast came off. As you can see, there is no skin, and she has picked it raw. While she did not make it bleed, she also would not let it scab over!

We called our Avian Board Certified Vet, Dr. Greg Burkett with our concerns. I sent him pictures and he recommended 3 things. He recommended to bathe her with AVIx Rain (using a mister), to rub AVIx soother cream on it, and to mist her with Soother spray if she started to chew.

Boy, have we seen a major difference! The pictures you see are about a week a part after we started using the cream and sprays! The difference is like night and day!

So, if you have a chronic chewer or picker, especially one that is chewing and picking places raw (plucking as well), we fully endorse (as does our vet) using the AVIx line! You won't regret it!!