Bird Health

Bird Health
Everything that you need to take care of your bird's health to have a long-life of love and happiness with your companion bird!

Remember to take your bird for annual check-ups to your local Board-Certified Avian Vet!

Tip: Providing your bird with full spectrum lighting is an important part of maintaining a healthy happy bird. Full spectrum light provides the UV light that is important in converting compounds into Vitamin D, making it useful for the body. Sunlight through glass does not provide the UV light because it is filtered by the glass. A good substitution is the allow your bird (monitored and safe, ie. caged, restrained, etc) outside in natural sunlight for 20 - 30 minutes per day.

Bathing Supplies & Shower PerchesScalesLafeber Avi-Era Bird Vitamins 12oz
Regular price: $37.97
Sale price: $32.27
King's Cages Health ProductsSynergy Labs Super Clot 0.75oz
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Bird First Aid Kit
Avi Straint
Revolutionary Avian Restraint Jacket
The perfect compliment to every first aid kit!
AVIx/HEALx Avian Health Care ProductsZoo med AvianSun Deluxe Floor Lamp
Zoo Med AvianSun Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Window Alerts
Missing Link 3.5oz
Harrison's Avian Enzyme 2oz
Lixit Lava Chew Rock
All natural stone removes food and conditions beak. Small, Medium, and Large birds
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Pink Parrot Bene Bac Plus 4.5oz
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Pink Parrot Bene Bac Plus Gel Single Dose 4pk
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