Pet Tapes CD Speech Training for Birds

Pet Tapes CD Speech Training for Birds
Item# PET3150

Product Description

Speech Training for Birds is the best method to teach talking birds (parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, mynahs, macaws, and others ) to speak, sing, and whistle tunes. All selections are full of life and have been electronically processed to be especially clear to birds. The recording contains popular whistled tunes, favorite phrases, songs from opera, and sequential training which teaches the bird longer sentences. The recording not only trains your bird in the shortest possible time, it also instructs without you being present. The digital compact disc is over one hour in length. Also, included is a booklet containing complete training methods, plus care and feeding for your bird.

  • (1) Hey, Come On Over Here
  • (2) Boy, Do I Love It
  • (3) Ha, Ha, You've Got To Be Kidding
  • (4) What Are You Doing?
  • (5) Oh, You're So Pretty
  • (6) Hello Baby
  • (7) I Love You
  • (8) Hello Baby, I Love You - Click here to listen to a sample.
  • (9) Hey Good Looking
  • (10) Want to Play With Me
  • (11) Hey Good Looking, Want To Play With Me
  • (12) Song from Opera "Carmen"
  • (13) Song from Opera "Madame Butterfly"
  • (14) Pop Goes The Weasel (whistled tune)
  • (15) Charge, Wolf Whistle (whistled tune)
  • (16) Dixie (whistled tune)
  • (17) Star Spangled Banner (whistled tune)
  • (18) Oh Susanna (whistled tune)
  • (19) Race Track Call (whistled tune)
  • (20) Beautiful Dreamer (whistled tune)
  • (21) I'm A Bad Bird