Pet Tapes CD Cockatiel Training

Pet Tapes CD Cockatiel Training
Item# PET3152

Product Description

"The Cockatiel is probably the most congenial of all psittacine birds. This friendly bird has all the combined traits of the lovable cockatoo, playful parrot, and intelligent parakeet. Cockatiels can talk, and are talented whistlers. This recording will not only teach your cockatiel to talk, but it will also teach him to whistle many popular tunes. The sequential lesson will teach your cockatiel vocal sounds and phrases, and the compact disc has the capability to be set to repeat favorite lessons. The recording is over one hour in length. It not only trains your bird in the shortest possible time, but continues to instruct without you being present. Also included is a booklet containing complete training methods plus care and feeding for this wonderful bird.

Whistled Tunes
  • Pop Goes the Weasel - Click here to listen to a sample.
  • Charge - Wolf Whistle
  • Dixie
  • Star Spangled Banner
  • Oh Susanna
  • Race Track Call
  • Beautiful Dreamer

  • Spoken Word
  • Hello Baby
  • Hello Baby, I Love You
  • Hey, Good Lookin’
  • Pretty Bird
  • See You Later
  • Give Me A Kiss