Pet Tapes CD Canary Album

Pet Tapes CD Canary Album
Item# PET3153

Product Description

The Complete Canary Album is a beautiful recording of canaries singing with and without orchestral accompaniment. There are songs by American Singers, Choppers, and Warblers. The recording is beautiful background music even if one doesn't have a bird. This compact disc might produce an instant song from your male canary, as he will find the recorded singing canaries irresistible. This can be used for training and is valuable to the breeder while sexing birds. The quick response to this recording from the young singers will separate the males from the females in a short time. The canary calls can be used to advance your female canary during the breeding season by exciting and enticing her with their lilting love songs. You also will derive great pleasure from the lovely songsters and beautiful music, and it will acquaint you with the different varieties of canary songs. The beautiful canary songs, some with full orchestra, will give a touch of individuality to any occasion as it makes a soothing, pleasant background.

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  • Chopper Song
  • Chopper Flock
  • Choppers and Music
  • Music Only
  • American Singer Song
  • American Singer Flock
  • American Singers and Music
  • Music Only
  • Warbler Song
  • Warbler Flock
  • Warblers and Music
  • Music Only
  • American Singers, Warblers, and Chopper